The roof you build will need fasteners to hold the material in place. In this case, it will be metallic roofs that would need fasteners to keep the type of metal you used fastened to the boards. Obviously, if your structure is metal your only choice will be to use screws to fasten the metal to the structure. But what if it is wood that you are fastening the metal roofing to? What is better, the screw or the nail?

Screws and Nails Comparison

Screws are a good choice due to the way it works. The shape of the screw develops a lock-in method as it spins its way into place. The groves created work as a stay in place system that can only be manipulated by ripping the screw from the position. It is possible but it’s very difficult to do and requires lots of pressure. Now let us look at the nail.

Nails have been around for a long time and there is no doubt about the use of the nail. It plays a vital part in the construction of many structures in the past. Most wooden structures still use nails and nails tend to be a faster way of securing any wooden structure.

The downfall with nails is the smoothness of the nail, even though some nails come a bit more rigid these days. The nail is much easier to remove than a screw by yanking. Nails tend to leave a small gap in the metal after years of battering from the wind which is unlikely to happen when using a screw to keep the roofing metal secure.

So to answer the question, when it comes to securing your roof with a fastener, the screw is the better option for two main reasons. Those reasons are the screw holds tighter in place and it is unlikely to cause small gaps between itself and the metal which allows for water to seep through.

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